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Personalised Worldwide Pet Travel.

Specialised international pet travel and pet transport since 2003

About Us

Pet travel and pet relocation specialists you can trust

Pet Travel

The pet travel and pet courier specialists you can trust with your pets as our first priority.

AeroPets is a professional, caring, and trusted pet transport agency that specialises in international pet travel and transport based in South Africa. Whether you are relocating to a new country or simply transiting through Johannesburg, we will guide and assist you every step of the way when traveling with pets.

Our focus

Our focus

We prioritise any size dog and cat travel requirements with a first-class personalised service.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Relocating is stressful enough already, we aim to provide an all-inclusive pet transportation experience that is hassle-free.

Our pet travel agents and pet handlers have all been in the pet courier, relocation and transport industry for many years. We are the preferred trusted pet travel agency you can trust for a professional, individual, and caring service.

With thousands of happy clients across the globe, see what they have to say and take a look at our client testimonials. AeroPets is a proud member of IPATA since 2003 and has developed long, strong relationships with many international pet travel partners, ensuring your pets arrive home safely.

AeroPets is a member of IPATA, by being a member of IPATA allows us access to the most up to date rules and regulations. Members of IPATA must follow ethical guidelines in pet travel, courier, and relocation of animals worldwide.

AeroPets is IPATA approved
Cat and dog pet shipping

What we can do for you

More about our personalised worldwide pet travel service

Pet Airline Bookings

Pet Airline Bookings

Handling the full process of booking your pet's flights to their new home. As an IPATA member we have partnerships with all the airlines and always try to negotiate the best possible rate for you.
Pet Customs Clearance

Pet Customs Clearance

Handling both export and import customs services, saving you both time and money. For all imports, we will organise customs pre-clearance. All that we need is a copy of the air waybill and we will do the rest.
Pet Handling

Pet Handling

The AeroPets staff are professional, friendly, caring, and knowledgeable pet handlers that will be able to offer advice and travel tips every step of the way. We will go above and beyond to put your mind at ease and make sure your pets are always handled with love and care.
Dog and Cat Kennelling

Dog and Cat Kennelling

Whilst we don’t have in-house kennelling, we work very closely with our partner in Johannesburg. We will be able to assist with any of your kennelling needs.
Veterinary Health Certificates

Veterinary Health Certificates

Avoid the hassles, while we work closely with many of our veterinary partners and the state vets to ensure all relevant health certificates and documents are completed correctly according to destination requirements.
Custom Pet Travel Crates

Custom Pet Travel Crates

Our animal crates are IATA approved, fumigated, sterilised and custom made to the size and breed of your pet. Each crate is fitted with absorbent mats and carpets as well as water bowls with fitted funnels on the outside to allow for easy top-up of water at each point along the way. Plastic, wooden and CR-82 crates.
Pet Collection and Deliveries

Pet Collection and Deliveries

Handling all of the collection and deliveries required for the transportation of your pets. With our beautifully branded and fully ventilated/air-conditioned vehicle, pets are always carefully loaded and safely delivered to each destination.
Pet Quarantine Bookings

Pet Quarantine Bookings

Some countries require pets that have traveled to stay in quarantine for a few days. We assist with quarantine bookings.

International destinations

We specialise in all international pet transport

International Pet travel Service

Personalised Pet Travel

Looking to relocate, immigrate or emigrate with your pets?
We are reliable and affordable – get a quote from us and we’ll get back to you within 1 working day.

What sets us apart

A personalised touch to each step of travelling with your pet.

Why Choose AeroPets Worldwide?

We understand that your pets are a part of your family and as such, we know the importance of taking as much stress and work away from you as possible. Every pets move is a little unique, which is why we apply our care, vast knowledge, and personalised touch to each step of the journey.

Why Choose AeroPets Worldwide?

We understand that your pets are a part of your family and as such, we know the importance of taking as much stress and work away from you as possible. Every pets move is a little unique, which is why we apply our care, vast knowledge, and personalised touch to each step of the journey.

1st reason for Pet transport

IPATA Accredited

AeroPets is a member of IPATA. Members of IPATA must follow ethical guidelines in pet travel and relocating pets worldwide.

2nd reason for Pet transport

Personalised Care

We prioritise your pets with a first-class experience. Stress-free care, ensuring that your cat or dog is taken care of.

3rd reason for Pet transport

Experienced Pet Handlers

Our experienced pet travel agents and pet handlers have all been in the pet travel industry for many years. AeroPets was established in 2003.

4th reason for Pet transport

Pet Kennelling

We partner with Paws Resort kennelling. A home away from home with a pet travel clinic and vets on premises.

5th reason for Pet transport

No Hidden Costs

We provide a pet travel service to suite you. We love what we do and your pets are as important to us as they are for you.

6th reason for Pet transport

100% "Pawrent" Satisfaction

Don’t believe us, take a look at what other “pawrents” are saying.

What other "Pawrents" say

Don't take our word for it, take theirs.

After what you have done and how emotionally I feel on my family arriving shortly that I only think it’s appropriate  I share these words/feelings with you. I have experienced life to the fullest (and still some to come) I have started successful businesses in SA, I have travelled the world and met many people on my travels,  I have employed hundreds of people and I have dealt with thousands of customers but this is not about that. I have never felt so helpless in not being able to help my dogs or something I care about. Then out of somewhere pops up an extraordinary human being – YOU! In all that experience and travel, I have never encountered someone that has gone so far beyond the call of duty, you could almost be called family – its so uncanny. You have made a difference in my life. Not only have you restored some faith in me and customer service (which I am passionate about), you have achieved an unbelievable task with such professionalism, desire to succeed and care – it will have you owning your own business one day. It’s with the most heartfelt sincerity and appreciativeness that I am eternally grateful. You have done something extraordinary that has made a difference, and I commend you on that. I will never forget your name nor will I ever forget what you have done.

Thank You!

pets to london
Phil, Penny, Goose, Bear and Sasha.

I would like to thank you and your team at Aeropets for making the relocation process of my cat Lilly and dog Toby so simple, easy and effortless. After a lot of research and quotations, I’ve decided to use Aeropets (so glad I did) for taking care of the relocation of my pets from South Africa to New Zealand.

I’ve received incredible service from Mikki and her team at Aeropets.  I received my quotes very quickly and the size of the transportation containers that Mikki recommended was spot on.  Aeropets always kept me up to date, every step of the way.

Aeropets made this process simple and effortless and their fees were very reasonable. I would highly recommend Aeropets to anyone considering relocating their pets.

Pet Travel & Pet Transport
Jessica Clarson

I want to thank you. After a long journey Johannesburg / Milan Pelè arrived and also because of you Paula and the Aeropets team. You have been kind and available at any time aware of how much value a dog has for the owner and of my anxiety. you love this job and I feel it. You solved the last minute problems and you did it by sending me peace of mind.
You are the person I will contact again when I have to move Pelè.

Pet Travel & Pet Transport
Matteo Trinchero

A huge, HUGE thank you to you and Aeropets!! Thank you for making sure Kimi, Vettel and Mika arrived safe and sound in Amsterdam yesterday!! Thank you for being prompt since our first email communication until their arrival here, for your guidance, repeating yourself to us to make sure everyone and everything is aligned – dog-mommy, sisters, vets, lab, flights, cargo, water, and the list goes on. Thank you also with your guidance and support for Chantell and Bernize!! This would not have been possible without you!!

Pet Travel & Pet Transport
Nadia Dreyer
  • positive review  I moved with my cats to Finland and the process of moving the cats seemed very daunting. Mikki from Aeropets assisted me throughout the entire process and made it extremely easy to understand what I had to do and when and my cats have safely joined me in Finland without any issues. Thank you very much!😀

    Marié Wessels Avatar Marié Wessels
    2nd March 2020

    positive review  A huge thank you to Mikki! We finally have our pups in Australia! Can't thank you enough. Between Mikki and Paws resort the only stress i had was the fact that i wasn't with my pups for the 12 days! They took care of absolutely everything from vet work to flights and crates! Thank you!

    Megan McDonald Avatar Megan McDonald
    28th February 2020

    positive review  We used Aeropets to bring our little Wire haired Fox terrier over to Orlando Florida, USA and they were great! From the initial quote, which was the most competitive out of the list of companies I contacted to the last minute of the entire process. They communicated the entire time, explaining the process and guiding us what to do. Thank you Mikki and the rest of the team at Aeropets for keeping our fur baby safe and reuniting us with our last family member!

    Herculine Swanepoel Avatar Herculine Swanepoel
    25th February 2020
  • positive review  Save and sound with us in Canada from south Africa. a very long trip for such a small dog. Thank you for all your trouble and help to move things on a lot quicker. Thank you Paula and mMiki for taking care of our Lulu

    Alet McCullough Avatar Alet McCullough
    11th February 2020

    positive review  We used Aeropets to transfer our fur baby over and they were amazing! Their price is great and their service even better!! Really recommend them to anyone. Also the Vet and the pet resort they use if you need that is just as awesome and very beautiful and pets are really looked after. My cat had her own little garden to play in and her own little room. 😀 thank you so much!!

    Dylan Megan Millar Avatar Dylan Megan Millar
    6th February 2020

    positive review  I returned to the U.K. from Johannesburg yesterday. I suffer with anxiety, but Paula and Aiden dealt with our journey with empathy and total professionalism. Paula guided me through everything, no question was too silly and she was so patient with us all. I highly recommend AeroPets! Don’t use anyone else!

    Carol Watson Avatar Carol Watson
    22nd January 2020
  • positive review  Massive thank you to Paula and the team at Aeropets. She kept on top of everything, was always responsive and dealt with it all including last minute changes (caused by us such as fight changes!) and BoJangles made it safely to the UK in time for Christmas. The best possible Christmas present! x

    Beth Wells Avatar Beth Wells
    9th January 2020

    positive review  This is a very long and tricky journey- moving to another country, and with pets - even more so!!! Luckily we had a team of amazing people who helped us through this, Aeropets was one of the companies who had our backs!!! Our two dogs are our children, our lifelines, our small piece of SA we brought with us, now that they’re home- we are finally home as well. Thank you Mikki- for making this feeling, this reunion possible. We know that this is not an easy job and there are a lot of hoops you guys have to jump through- and on top of all this- you are working with our “children.” I am so glad, that I chose you as the transporting company. You are reliable, trustworthy and organised.Thanks you so much for making our family whole. We will recommend you to anyone!!!Thank you so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Corné VH Claasen Avatar Corné VH Claasen
    9th December 2019

    positive review  Can't thank Paula enough! She had so much patience with me- answering every question, taking every call and calming me down! My little Savanah arrived safely in Israel and we are so happy to be reunited 😊 Thank you for your excellent service and compassion ❤️

    Yonit S Avatar Yonit S
    27th November 2019
  • positive review  Thank you so much to Paula for all her patience and dedication! Immigrating is tough enough without having to worry about your fur baby. Paula I can’t thank you enough for taking such amazing care of Lexi-Jane! Our family just isn’t complete without our little fluff ball with us in America!

    Danielle Van Der Walt Avatar Danielle Van Der Walt
    25th November 2019

    positive review  Excellent service!! Mikki and the team did a great job in getting our babies to us in Panama from Newcastle Kzn. Thank you for making their journey to us hassle free.

    Karen Vermaak Avatar Karen Vermaak
    16th November 2019

    positive review  A big thank you to MIKKI , our fur babies landed safe and sound at Heathrow, your service has been exceptional from start to finish. Your Attention to detail in the beginning with checking our documents and rectifying a problem , answering ALL my questions promptly and making sure the animal reception center received our paperwork before my pets landed - saved them and us a long stressful wait while they cleared.

    Gillian Ripley Avatar Gillian Ripley
    6th November 2019

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