Hi Paula,

Sorry for the long delay with the promised photos of Abbey – a truly chaotic week, followed by technical difficulties (and here we thought everything up north worked perfectly – ha ha ha).
Nevertheless – herewith the story of Abbey’s first 2 days in her new home in the UK.

  • Mom’s lap in the car at Heathrow Animal Reception Centre (a long 5½ hour journey followed to get back home)
  • Hey, I know this scratch pole ….. it smells like me !
  • And my favourite scratch bed too !!! (actually a rough-cast bird bath, that she converted to a scratch bed)
  • Crash time on the la-z-boy – I’m finished. It’s been a looooong day.
  • Next morning: Hey, there’s an outside to investigate ……..
  • Mice, or are they rats?? My new scratch pole (and now I have three)

Thanks again for all your effort 🙂

Abbey has settled in well over the last week – she is back to being Queen of the home (and Dad is continually picking up fur as she throws away the long fur she had for the RSA winter in exchange for the UK summer (which has been hot !!!) (we have had more than a week of temperatures above 25°C – some days almost at 30°). Abbey must have bought the RSA sun with her 🙂

Cheers & Regards
Russell & Vicki